Product Information


Overall Dimension:  2110mm x 1080mm x 490mm – 780mm ht 83″ x 42″ x 19″ – 30″ ht
Suitable for Mattress platform size:  1970mm x 925mm 78″ x 36″


  • Seven function motorised bed.
  • Bed platform of 4 section uniformly perforated 18 SWG CRCA Sheet surface board.
  • Completely motorized 3pcs column and 2pcs. Actuator system with battery backup.
  • All positions can be controlled by a wired remote hand set placed on the side rail or by ACP (attendant control panel )at the foot end.
  • Easily detachable polymer head & foot end Boows.
  • Extra long 4pcs. Under side Occidental style side rails with inclination degree indicators.
  • Ergonomically designed robust backlist hand set.
  • Imported center & direction locking heavy duty casters ontrolled from the end.
  • Manual quick release which can be attained electronically through the remote.
  • CPR function can also be attained electronically through the Remote.
  • Safety feature: All desired positions of the bed can be locked from the ACP.
  • Bed under lighting provision.
  • Four IV provision with nylon insert to prevent rusting.
  • Also available with complete A.B.S Bed board.