Product Information


A unique light with tipple arm mechanism with 2 light heads a HI-LED 700 with built in detachable camera a HI-LED 600 and monitor mounted on the third arm along with the remote control to zoom, focus, tilt and control the camera, the movements are really smooth and help the surgeon to get the best light out put in the operative field.

  • Excellent color rendering index.
  • Truly stable color location and rendering index over lifetime and dimming range.
  • Uniform white light without any color separation.
  • UV and IR free light.
  • Optimized light distribution of secondary reflector for low glare.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Easy and cost-effective assembly and maintenance of luminaire.
  • Low energy consumption and less heat generation.
  • Very high system reliabolity.
  • Dimmable with Constant current(no PWM).
  • Light output with central illuminance from 65/120/160K lux.
  • Temperature monitoring (system dims down slowly when overheating).
  • Four to seven times system reliability as per the module.
  • Output of error messages.
  • Read out of lifetime status via UART protocol and display via LED status signal.

Internal control software check, the technical functions of the module, Driver are internally divided into 10 independent functional unit channels. Would one internal companionate fail the unit shall still deliver 70% of the original performance, in that case too the Red status LED would switch on to indicate issue and will not lead to complete switch off the system.

Life time of the LED module is > 30, 000 hrs with more than 70% EC assured at the end of 30, 000 hrs.

An internal software reads the internal life time counter and indicate the life time via the green status LED on the remote, everytime the light is put on.

Life time is complete when no LED are on and Red status LED indicates that.