Roto-Translating Back:
The back section moves away form the center automatically by 40 mm during back elevation to reduce the compression of the Thorax.

LENGTH : 2230 mm / 88″
BREADTH : 1000 mm / 39″
HEIGHT : 500 – 800 mm / 19.5″ – 31.5″

MATTRESS PLATFORM SIZE: 2005 x 925 mm / 79″x 36″

Five function Motorized bed.
Bed platform of 4 section Uniformly perforated 5mm thick P. R. B. board.
Completely motorized 4 pcs. actuator system with battery back up.
All positions can be attained by a Wired hand controller placed on the side rail.
ACP (Attendant Control Panel) at the foot end . Chair & Emergency head low position
Easily detachable Polymer Head & Foot end Bows.
Extra long 4pcs. Under Side Occidental style side rails with inclination degree indicators.
Ergonomically designed robust backlit hand set.
150 mm Imported Center & Direction locking heavy duty Castors.
Manual Quick release which can be operated from either sides in emergency situation.
CPR function can also be attained electronically through the Remote.
Safety Feature: All desired positions of the bed can be locked from the ACP.
Bed Under lighting provision.
Four IV Provisions with nylon inserts to prevent rusting.

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